The Two children who are suppose to get child support

by Roufang
(Chandler, AZ)

I am 20 years old and my parents divorced in 1992 (I was 3 and my sister was 2). My mother wanted the divorce because sadly my father wasn’t Americanize. My mother came to the U.S. 6 years before my father did and she is more educated than him. My father asked my mother if he could have custody for my sister and me, and of course she disagreed. She knew that she would get money for the two of us. My father‘s child support in 1992 was $600 a month and he gave my mother everything such as the car, furniture and he even helped her move into her own place. My dad was a cook at a Chinese restaurant and he made minimum wage. He had to live with his parents because he would only have $300 dollars left to pay for other things. My Dad gave my mother cash whenever she asked for it but I know he feels like he got screwed over and so did we. My dad stayed in my life as long as he could.

My life in Arizona consisted of moving a lot and my mother always had boyfriends. She was never alone, if one relationship doesn’t work she would have another man in our lives in less than a couple of days. We always lived with my mother’s boyfriends and when my mother got married four years later it got even harder. My step dad was an American guy but he was abusive mentally and physically. My sister and I were afraid of him and we never talked back. My mother had two more children with this man and she made us call him “DAD” and if we didn’t call him that we would be in trouble. My mother divorced him in 2004 and she tried to get more child support once again but she didn’t get much from that divorce. She also had more boyfriends in our life once again.

I would get sick and struggled in school but my mother didn’t notice until someone else did. My father remarried and had two more children. It was hard for him to support his new family and pay child support. My dad worked a lot and he moved to Texas, he couldn’t see us because he was always working. From the ages 10-19 I saw him three times. All of our (my sister and mines) birthday money went to my mother and when we started to work at 16 we were raising her two other kids, paying rent, going to high school and paying other stuff too. My mother makes less than $10,000 a year and in 2007 my sister and I made $12,000. We were both full time high school students, worked after school and raised our two siblings. I understand it takes a lot to raise children but it doesn’t take a super amount of money to keep up with their needs. Me, my sister and my half siblings don’t have health insurance because none of our parents can or will provide it. My mother won’t take a second job to give us what we need and it’s a constant fight! She always blames her other spouses for everything. She always bashes them and she doesn’t even realize they do more than she does.

My father owes $54k in child support he has been paying the government what he can. My mother has offered him to wipe out the child support if he can give her $37,500 up front. He thought it would go to me and my sister since we are paying for college out of our own pocket. Heck no! She told me that it wasn’t my money and it was hers. I feel that since I mostly raised myself and my siblings. I should get something for my hard work. So my question is… Since my father owes Back Child support can he pay it off by giving us the money instead of my mother?

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