The War Between Right and Wrong

by Kimmie
(Tuscaloosa, AL. USA)

Not for Me! For Him!

Not for Me! For Him!

Doesn't He Have Rights?

I am a single parent of two lovely children, a 13 year old boy and 19 year old girl. My children were born into this world as a gift from God. Unfortanutely, the 13 year relationship of abuse from their father had finally taken a tole on me and I had to get out while I was still alive. My children were 6 and almost 2 when we left with nothing but our clothes. This was the beginning of the War that has lasted going on 12 long years now. I have never been able to afford an attorney so I pulled myself together and told myself, I could represent myself, how hard could it be, when after all, the Law was the Law and what was Ordered was in black and white. Wow was I mistaken. My ex and I have been to court over the coarse of 8 years now, being present in Court atleast 4 to 6 times every 6 months to a year of each. He is now and has been in Arrears of over $10.000 as well as $18.000 in medical expenses as ordered.

He was to have insurance and said he did, He lied. Now at this point he has 37, Yes I said 37 Counts of Contempt hanging over his head if he chooses not to follow The Order. Yep, you guessed it. He still doesn't follow the Order. This man has been arrested for DV, as well as Drug Charges, that were set up by the Drug Task Force where he was busted with DRUG TRAFFICKING, and POSSESSION. He has served no time and this occurred almost 6 years ago. There have been so many Continuances placed by the same Judge I can't count them. Every Court Date for me is like a death sentence, the Judge is playing with my life and doesn't seem to care.

He refuses to put my ex in Jail. My 13 year old is hurt every day. His father lives less than 15 miles from us and has nothing to do with him. As a protective mother, I would never tell my son, but Thank God, I don't want my son to have that kind of influence but that doesn't take the hurt away.The war between right and wrong is one that I don't wish on anyone. We The People, need to stop the Judicial System from this kind of behavior! Don't they care that they are setting a terrible example for the Generations below. My son sees his dad not having any reprocutions for his actions. What is that telling him?

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Our judge is like that too
by: Anonymous

You must live in Arizona. We have the same type of thing going on here.

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