The wife of a Texas father

by Jo Ann Hammack
(Jenks, OK)

My husband and his ex wife have been divorced for 27 years, the only child born in that marriage is now 31 and my husband is still paying child support.

He got behind in payments a few years after the divorce and was raked over the coals with interest on arreages. His daughter came to live with him for two years when she was in high school and my husband didn't pay child support during that time; that was all ok until the ex got mad about something and back to court they went. The courts allowed the deduction of the support during that two years but still nailed him with even more interest. In 2005 my husband was still paying child support on a grown child that was the mother of two when he was involved in a very serious car accident. Needless to say while off work he again fell behind and was again taken to court for the interest he can never get paid off. To the day he is still paying 455.00 dollars a month and the balance never seems to change. In the divorce the amount of child support ordered to pay until his daughter reached 18 was 35,000.00, he has paid over 60,000.00 and still owes almost 14,000.00 to date. He has ask the DA office why he is still paying and never gets an answer.

He tried to settle the whole thing when was laid off from his job after 14 years but to no avail...he is still paying with no end in sight.

Where is the justice in a man still paying 27 years later with really very few payments is all coming from interest.

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Not an iota of information
by: TXCSofficer

You know, I am so sick of hearing from you whiners - on BOTH sides.

You both made the kids, don't make me out to be the bad guy. If NCP isn't working or receiving UIB, CP gets no money - just as if you were both living under the same roof - deal with it!

CP - guess what? Child support isn't meant for you to live on, don't count on it for rent or your light bill. Get a freaking job!! How do I know you don't work?? No one who is gainfully employed has the time to spend you do calling me every third day and coming to the office once a week. I have about 6000 cases to handle in a 52 week year.

Just like any other debt, TX charges interest on cs. And they will collect it however they can - wage garnishments, unemployment, lottery, inheritance, and income tax intercepts, to name a few.

And when NCP is dry as a stone - no income, no assets, no accounts - what would you propose we do? TX is notorious for incarcerating non- payers, but frankly it doesn't actually increase collections.

And CP, if you collect tanf because the NCP isn't paying child support - you will pay it back later. Tanf is really just sort of a loan on cs - you agree when you receive it to assign those benefits to the state.

Child Support Rigged to Create Debtors Prison
by: Disgusted with Divorce Process

The love of my life was divorced in 1991. We have calculated that total child support was likely less than $13,000. At the time of his divorce he was unemployed and even though he made periodic payments, the interest kept clicking at 12% until the law changed it to 6%. When he finally learned about the administrative review process, he went. When he did have jobs, child support still called his employers, which the judge reamed out the assistant DA on since it was tape recorded, but the damage was done not once, but four times. The judge reduced his monthly payments telling the assistant DA to leave him alone, and afterwords the DA went after his pay checks, banks accounts, drivers license, passport, refunds and any other nickel he could get his hands on.

So he requested his payment schedule, which supposedly cannot be provided in its entirety, because the state changed computer programs and according to child support some judge told them they don't have to supply this old information. However, on what they did send him, the state charged him back child support on one child until 19 years old in violation of the divorce decree, which states until they turn 18 or are enrolled in school, which ever comes first. Years later he found out the son dropped out in 9th grade and the daughter had a teenage pregnancy. Neither Texas nor the other state will intercede to find out whether the terms of the divorce decree were violated by the custodial mother; it is the same tactic they used when he travel out of state for visits and the ex-wife would not produce the children. Even though when the ex-wife's state child support official calls him, they claim to represent the ex-wife.

I find it completely absurd that less than $13,000 could balloon to over $40,000 and then be only reduced to a little over $30,000 after almost 18 years. But that is what happens when the state charges interest on interest and refuses to work with the fathers. He will most likely pay until the day he dies, which based on his cancer,heart attack and age may not be too far off.

Texas DA worst
by: PjP

Not only is the Texas DA or his orginazations the worst. Also San Antonio Texas (Bexar County) right behind them . Dont get divorced in Bexar county.Better Yet make the marrage work or dont get married and have children.

Texas Da is the worst
by: pjp

Sorry to hear your problems to the wife of a Texas father. I to am a wife of a Texas father. Concider your self luckly that you pay in the 700s. My husband i paying 2000.00 monthly half of his check and any money he receives. After 33 years the EX went to court got a judgment for 148,100.00. My husband also thought that he was helping his child at the time . Wifee convenced him to pay her instead of through child support because it takes so long to get her money.
Yes they wont reconize it. And now after the judgement. The slim ball lawyer is coming back after 3 months and demanding my husband retirement. Under the Qualified Domestic order. I recomend if their is a retirement and you can get it out even thought you pay taxes. Get it. Have the company pay the taxes when you get it and you will only have to pay the 10% penilitys. This slimball Lawyer wont leave us alone. He took everything but his still keeps coming back. Recommand don't have anything in your name and no retirement. You wont keep it. Trust me I know. Good luck

by: Laurie

Please email me at

I need more info on this. please email me when you can so I can find out a few more things away from prying eyes.

There might be something that is in the status of new laws either federal or state, but there are also a few things I need to ask.

Hope to hear from you soon, Laurie.

RE-married in TX
by: Laurie

I saw what you wrote and I looked all over the web for something.

I am wondering about a few things about what you wrote about remarring your wife and stillpaying child support on an old court order. Now, let me tell you I am not a lawyer, but I am commited to seeing things get done and doing it the legal way.

I am wondering if you c an email me at to tell me a few things that I don't want others to see, it is not others business. But I do want to help you and anyone else I might be able to.

Fighting for my rights has made me more angry that the states ignore the ones that don't pay and screw the ones that do, over and over I am reading about this and I am seeing that these cases are not in the few as thought before.

Please email me and let me see what I might be able to figure out. I need more info from you to find statutes and cases this might apply to.

I hope to hear from you soon,Thanks-Laurie

Fight Back
by: Anonymous

My wife and I remarried some 12 to 13 years ago, and theres a court order, ordering me to still, pay for children support because the OAG considers food stamps as child support. OAG does'nt know that we are remarried, because they're relyig on the old court order that states that states that we are divorced.

I would like to do what you said about filing a complaint, but I do'nt know exactly how to do it. I know that they are violating my civil rights.

By the way my children are well over the age of 18.

In the article you states the following DA, is the district attonery or the OAG.

Please help!!

I hear you
by: The Only Wife

My husband was never married to his daughters mother and she left him for a convict when my step daughter was 3. My husband has paid child support for the last 6 years but in 2004 he lost his job and fell behind...1 month! They froze his bank account and made him pay her $2000 to get it unfroze. See, his ex moved out in January but claimed she moved out 3 months prior. My husband began paying her $500 a month from January on. He paid with checks and thought he was being smart but the AG hit him for back child support from January to August. Proof was there but they didn't care. They considered a gift. My husband was all caught up when we married in 2006 and shortly after, his ex had the child support reviewed and it went up to $736 a month. We had a baby at the end of 2006 and they still won't reduce his child support.
Texas has the worst AG ever. He is unfair. Unjust. Corrupt. The legal system in this state is so wrong. I feel your pain. It is a struggle that never seems to end.

PLease use this against the DA in TX
by: Laurie

Here is the law on child support collections in TX. It looks like the DA is violating your husbands right and I think it is time you fight back.

Also, call the child support and request a statement of all child support paid. From the 1st payment to the last payment made. If they some how get into the system it might suddenly vanish and there will be no proof.

Next locate all your court papers you have gotten over the years, you will need that to prove malicious prosecution and fraud of payments ordered.

3rd, call the bar association and file a complaint against this DA. He is violating your civil rights. You can file under ethics and state law violations on him. He will have a lot to answer for. Not only that file complaint with the justice dept. against the prosecutors office, if they have done it to him I bet he is not the first or the last. Do these 2 together. they go hand in hand for proof of violation on state laws.

Do all this 1 at a time in that order above.

You might be seeing a nice lump sum come your way if everything you say has been done to him over the years.

If the prosecutor calls you for any reason, tape the call and let him know you are taping the call. He probably won't speak to you if this is happening. But record everything that is discussed on the phone about this.

let me know how it goes. Good luck!-Laurie
Contact the OAG's Child Support Division at 1-800-252-8014 if:

* You have questions about a payment.

2) How long is child support supposed to be paid?
Child support is due until the child turns eighteen or, thereafter, until the end of the school year in which the child graduates from high school. IMPORTANT: If a child is mentally or physically impaired to the extent of requiring continuous care, child support may be ordered to be paid indefinitely past the child's 18th birthday. If this is the case with any of your children, be sure to inform me.

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