This is a mockery of the original meaning to "child support"

by Kirk
(Memphis, TN)

I live in the craziest state known to man. I was actively taking care of my children and their mother got mad because I wouldn't give her money. So she went down to the child support office and told a blatant lie and the clerks took her word and did not do an investigation, did not inform me of anything until the court date, now I was instructed to pay child support for children I was already supporting, how dumb is that, but this is the best part......I lost my job and couldn't pay my support althought I was actively seeking employment and paying out of my unemployment benefits, which we all know is not much. I was still behind, eventhough my income taxes ($5,000+) over the years were intercepted every year since 2001 until the present, I never caught up and probabally never will. I obtained employment as a security officer and making pretty good and was having child support deducted from my pay and do you know that the ignorant ass state I live in suspended my license to work???? now nobody gets paid!!!!!!!!! I swear to GOD someone needs to make some sense out of this because as educated as I am I can't, because nowhere in my prior reading of "The History of Child Support was that even mentioned. Now I'm unemployed and getting further and further in the hole with my payments. Where is the justice in that?

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