Tired and Fed Up!


I am a father of 2 children who I haven't seen in roughly 8 years due to my ex-wife.Through our divorce in the state of CT, she got physical custody of my son and I got physical custody of my daughter (my ex-wife didn't want my daughter, she hated her.)and I was ordered by the court to pay $100.00 weekly for my son and she had to pay nothing for my daughter. My ex continually gave me a very hard time about how to raise my daughter and refusing me visitation with my son. She always made serious threats against me and my daughter about all the things that she could do to make our lives miserable (and belive me she has!).

My daughter as she got older, never understood why her own mother didn't want her,so she insisted on going to GA to live with her mother for one year to try and understand things. My ex-wife and I made a verbal agreement that for that year I would pay an additional $50.00 for my daughter to stay there. At the end of that year, my ex-wife refused to let my daughter come back home and made it impossible for me to see either of them. They actually came to my home town to visit their grandparents and both were under strict orders by her not to tell me they were here.

Things have been like that ever since. She threatens me all the time about money and how I am a terrible father and the kids hate me and want nothing to do with me, and that they have a real father now. I even got a letter from my daughter, now 18, stating that I was never a father to her and she wants nothing from me. She is now threatening me again for more money, stating that I have to continue to pay for my daughter thru college now that she has graduated high school. I have my divorce papers and it doesn't state that.

I have just started paying my original amount of $100.00 for my son cause my daughter has moved out. She never had any adjustments made to our divorce as far as my daughter was concerned, but I did pay my child support for both children every week and carried the insurance on the both of them. Thats the other thing, she never used my insurance for the kids, she said it took to long for the drs to get paid and told me that she had them insured thru her husband whose in the military.

But now that I have her all mad because she isn't getting that extra $50.00 from me, she is now threateing to make me pay every medical bill that she finds over the past 13 years, and at least 50% of their insurance premium for the kids.I tried to make this as short as possible, I left alot of information out, but this is the most of it. Do I have any rights to fight her? Please help!

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