Tired of Getting Harrassed of Licensed Getting Suspended!

by Edward Nightingale
(San Diego, CA)

My Son who is now living with me and 14

My Son who is now living with me and 14

My Son who is now living with me and 14 My 2 Adorable Daughters

I've been paying childsupport since I was 20yrs of age. Always keeping 2 or 3 jobs and trying to watch my children. Yes I was dumb for having 5 children from 5 different ladies. I admit that was very dumb. I didn't want 5 children and didn't ask these ladies to have my children. They knew the system and I didn't. I feel like I'm in Prison and can't get out. I need help with my cases. Arrears is killing me. I pay and pay and pay cases keep building interest. I loose my job, boom I get a letter in the mail stating my license will be getting suspended Nov 22. I'm looking for work every day and will always find another job, why the constant threat? Its enough they recked my credit and can't get a Pass Port. That is insane to me. I'm will to do whatever it is to expose this system.

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