TN Child Support

TN Child Support
Forcing dead beat parents to pay child support can be difficult. When a parent is missing or residing in a different state, locating that parent can become a challenge. Tennessee child support has programs that will help custodial parents locate dead beats and enforce the child support laws. No matter where dead beat parents may hide, they will be found.

According to the Tennessee child support, if any absent parent uses their social security number, he or she has a great chance of being found. Tennessee child support can also use any health records to locate absent parents.

People in America have to work to maintain a living and to survive. National Directory of New Hire is another program Tennessee child support uses to help locate absent parents. Any time an absent parent searches for a new job or rehired, they are placed in a nation wide directory where their names and location is confirmed.

Every child deserves to live a good life and to live in a healthy environment. Locating an absent parent is extremely important for you and your child. In the long run, it is the child who suffers without the benefits of two parents. No matter how hard it may be to locate that dead beat, don’t give up.

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