Total frustration for the texas court system

by Ginny LeBeau
(Springdale, Arkansas)

I went through a nasty, mediated divorce in 2005. It was in the state of Texas. $20,000 dollars worth of attorney fees later my divorce was final. It was far from over though. My X husband stood in front of the judge and admitted to drug and alcohol abuse. Joint custody was given with unsupervised visitation of our 2 children. My son was 2 and daughter 4 months. I was allowed to move to Arkansas to be near family, but was forced to buy an airplane ticket and pay for hotel room once a month for him to come see the kids. This cost me hundreds of dollars a month. Twice he did not even show up, or give me notice so I could cancel the ticket. I had to do this till my daughter was 3. He has not visited for the last 2 1/2 years, since I stopped paying his way.He has been arrested 3 times for assualt. It is now 6 years since the divorce. I was served with court papers last week and had to find a lawyer in texas and drive 11 hours to appear in person. I had 2 business days to prepare. Once again the lawyers, as well as the judge have made decisiion that are endabgering my children. I have 2 nondislosure findings that say cleary that he is a threat to me and my children. I had recently had my phone number changed due to harassing phone calls. The judge made me give my phone number, and ordered me to let him talk to the kids. After going through the same court system 4 times in the last 6 years, I am shocked and horrified to see the total disregard for the safety of the children. The lawyers are out for one thing and that is money. As my lawyer this time actually stated that he did not give a crap. As far as the judges go they either "dont give a crap"either or maybe just too busy to care about your individual situation. There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with this judicial sytem people. What can be done to change things?

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