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My husband had an affair a couple yrs ago and the girl got pregnant. She was openly sleeping with 2 other men at the same time she was sleeping with my husband. (never mind all the drama we went through to save our marriage) He was married twice before me and never had kids even though they tried and he always assumed he couldnt have kids. The girl calls all the time to "remind" him he has a daughter and we have asked her twice to take a paternity test so we could get this overwith. Well, finally (the baby is now 14 months old) we got the paternity test and he IS the father (go figure) so we are paying child support and she is calling all the shots and will not split Legal custody or physical custody. The man she was living with thought he was the father and the baby has his last name and he is on the birth cert. She is fighting us to get my husbands name on the birth cert. and she does not want the baby to have his last name and she does not want the baby to know him as her daddy only as a family friend and known by his first name.

How can she get away with this??!! by the way she also has a 4 yr old who she does not have custody of, my husbands baby and just gave birth to yet another baby by yet another man and she just turned 21. My husband is 44. She said she will tell the judge that my husband never tried to contact them (not true) or tried to see the baby and he left the state and he didnt stand a chance at getting any type of cusotdy or visitation legally. He didnt "leave" the state he got a job promotion that came with a transfer but they never lost touch we have the emails to prove it. And he had more than one reason to doubt that he was the father and we can also prove that we asked her on more than one occasion to prove paternity so we could do what needed to be done.

Do we really have no rights? Do we let her call all the shots and just keep paying the support. she seems to be hung up on the money issue and we have never complained or commented on paying the support.

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by: Anonymous

Get a lawyer he does have right take all your email keep phone records. A job tranfer is not a reason to keep the father away.

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