Trying to make ends meat!!!!!!

by June
(Wabash, IN.)

I was divorced in 1996. I have 2 childern from that marrage. Their father was ordered to pay $90 a week and keep insurence on them. I have not increased the amount that he is ordered to pay in 13 years. I only want what the judge ordered for my kids. I have not gotten it!!!!!!! He is currently $17,000 behind. I am signed up with the procecuters office to recover the amount owed. I cannot count the number of times my ex has been taken to court only to have them let him go and say he is making an effort to pay. How do they figure that???????? I am currently unemployeed for the first time since I was thirteen years old. This is a very difficult situation for me as I have always been able to survive by the skin of my teeth. Now I am in a most terrible position and would like to see more than a slap on the hand happen to this man who calls himself a father. This system needs a rehaul in a big way!!!!!!! Is there anything we can do?

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