Unfair to Great fathers

My Ex-wife Rachel Domingue, who works for American Airlines have been divorced since 6 years due to my financial status, all expenses for my son are coming from me, sports, private school, activities and etc. I live alone and a two bedrooms Apartment, my room and my son's room. The Ex-wife moved out since 2003. I re-married in 2008, since the day my Ex-wife found out I was married, my life became hell, my son is now allow to be with me, she attacked my wife, filled out two police reports. She took me to court for Child Support, and demand the judge for the child to stay with her, after lying to the Court, the child stay's with her. That I see my son only on weekends. Her whole family is on her side, not once she put my son first. I'm paying child support and demanding more money cause of she's jealous of my new wife. She'd coached my son on how to speak to the law guarding, The day I arrived in court, I knew the law was not on my side. Since my Son was born, every single day, I'm with my son and he's very attach to me. Now, she has my son and I'm paying her Child support, while she's hardly taking care of with my son, always sending my son to her sister or mother. Like I say, this is a beautiful system, no clue where the money is used, not on my son. My advice is if you see anything wrong and a child Support case or divorce, study it carefully, cause I know lawyers and judges that have been arrested for accepting money to throw away cases.

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