by Josh
(Wyoming County,NY)

My ex and I split almost 2yrs ago. I had my two children for 80% of the time until two weeks before court. We had split on reasonable terms till we hit the Wyoming county court room. She proceeded to go against all that was mutually decided. Because my business was not inc. the magistrate took my business gross and cost me my business and vehicle on top of leaving every thing I worked for 9yrs to the ex. I had finally found an employer and started to make my payments directly from my check leaving me with $60-80 at the end of the week and NY State suspended my license. My employer had to let me go without a valid license so there I was again without employment! I had court again a week after this happened for a judgment being placed upon me. NY state processing took so long it only showed 2 of the 7 payments I had made. My license was not reinstated for me to get my job back even though I had been making payments like was ordered. I was told it’s not the courts problem that I don’t have a license. We all know you need one to work though huh!

They want a substantial down payment and a payment agreement on top of the set amount to obtain my license back. No one will hire a contractor with no license to get to work. She had lied in court with the day care amount. Her family watches them for free. She was court ordered to carry the insurance on the children and hasn’t done so for over 6 months. I cant tell you how many times my kids have been sick and not been taken to the doctor. I had to take my daughter down to the ER because she had red irritation down below and I was afraid the mother’s boyfriend had touched her. She has had over 15 different calls to cps on her for things she has done to or with those children and I personally never made one of those reports! I provided substantial records of events, pictures of bruises.... un-wiped and un- baited and she still has them. They spend 80% of the time with her family, babysitters, or myself so why should she have my kids. I have been lied to, used and financially screwed through out every step of this split up. What do cps workers get paid for? They call ahead and give notice to the mothers so they may coach the children, clean and put on there "I’m the perfect mother act".

My children have lied for her, but always tell me they want to come live with me. It’s hard to know how I should feel after all my kids have gone through. The bottom line is there’s no father in Wyoming County that has a chance to fairly obtain their child or children with out an extremely good lawyer and a private investigator. Who’s got the cash for that? The father’s evidence and documents don’t stand for much in these un-just courts. The mother has been seeing a level one-sex offender. He stays with her and my 7yr old girl and almost 5yr old son. My children have been pushed aside for the new guy in her life but refuse me of extra time with them. Shed rather them go to the babysitter with out me knowing so I don’t have the amount of time not spent with them by her on paper. I am just completely fed up with NY State and how they treat the fathers who care and want their kids.

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