US BANK Shreds Child Support Levy Order Included my copy

by James Winters
(Redlands, CA US)

I will start off with the fact that I do owe back child support, not because I have never paid but because I was on state disability for 2 years and could not work with a CS obligation of over $1000 per month and all the state of California could take is 25% of my disability payments, so too years of not enough paid went into arrears. I do pay on t arrears as court ordered every month and am never late with that.

Anyway, I recently opened a bank account with US Bank. They received a levy order to withhold. I understand this. The only way I found out though was a fee on my bank statement that said "Child Support Fee" and it was for $100. I contacted through an online form as to why this is and it was explained as a Levy Processing Fee. I asked why I was never informed of the levy and was told that since no money was withheld, they did not have to do anything. I asked for a copy of the levy and was denied. I was able to get one copy of page 1 of one of the levy orders which all contain 4 pages. On page one of the order it states very clearly that the bank is to immediately provide page 3 of the order to the debtor (me). I kept calling and asking and got nowhere and was actually told in an email that the levy department says that they do not have to provide this page 3 of no money was withheld.

I asked for them to point out to me or provide me with a copy of the order where it says that there are conditions under which that page 3 does not have to be provided to me. I, of course, received nothing, just that it is what the bank does.

Finally, i got hold of someone from US Bank by telling my story on the US Bank Facebook page. This person called me, told me that she would look into and call me back. She did and among the many things she said, which were all run around, she informed me that the Levy Department has SHREDDED pages 2 thru 4 of the levy order.

Where I believe my rights have been violated is I do not know what was on that page 3. It could contain a list of my rights, the case number, contact information relating to the levy, instructions on how to appeal, applicable state laws relating to the levy and who knows what else that might
be important enough for the state to order the bank to provide it to me!

As an afterthought, I figured that the bank should never have taken $200 for me as a processing fee since the processing of the levy as instructed never took place since I was not provided the documentation that the bank was instructed to provide

Any ideas?

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