Venting is all I can do!!!

Child support enforemnet & the judicial system supporting it is a joke!!! On a positive the treat us all the same custodial parents or absent parents we are all treated like we are burdening them they are careless with court orders don't enforcethem and make many simple ignorant mistakes and its oooopppps!!! no appology no resolution just they messed up oh well!!! I am sick to death of this system & I am on both sides I was a single mother of 3 for 10 years got married 2 years ago to a man with 2 children in different counties & 2 different women.

So I deal intensely with child support on a regular and the only word to describe it is Frustrating!!!! This is a blog I wrote on my space: Can I just tell you that Child Support Enforcement is a joke! I have dealt with this agency for 10 years and been on both sides. & either way JOKE! Biggest crock o I have ever seen & I've seen some stuff Well one positive is they don't discriminate whether you are a dead beat parent or a good absent parent or a custodial parent they treat us all like dumbies to be strung along keep in the dark & screwed out of money at every turn.

I personally fall under the custodial parent roll I have three kids who's sperm donor owes me in excess of $90,000. Yes you see it correctly. & in 10 years they have gave me every run around you can think of & then some. This is a long 10 year worth story shortened. I have had numerous court dates DCSE I wasted a work day each & every time Cause they will lock my tailup on a showcause if I don't come. But the donor has never served a min. due to missing numerous court dates. One time he was in Chesterfield county jail they issued the dern supeona to another man same first & last name.

Differnt middle name, social sercurity #, Inmate #, age, height & race. Well on a child support supeona they put not only everyone including kids names & date of birth but social sercurity #s & it usually take 6 months to get a date so this other convict had all mine & my kids info for months well I get to court & they are bringing him in via satelite cause hes such a dangerous crimal they didn't want to transport him & I see this 6ft tall black man I start wavin my hands & the judge asks me whats wrong so I tell him I mighta been around the block but I ain't never been around that block.. so they dismiss it & guess what the donor is by then out of jail & doesn't show up for the next court date. Guess what the other convict starts writing me letteres & sending pictures which DCSE says is not their problem or fault.

WHATEVER! Then another time I filed & DCSE lawyers come to court and are sitting up front & hand me this blaze orange business card that says I am so n so here to represent DCSE I am not here to represent you IF you need a lawyer you'll need to hire one. AWWWWWWWWW HELLLLLLLLLL NO! I was ready to fight & it took every ounce of restraint that I had not to strangle this yuppy looking at me like I was stupid. So I told him and his little assistant to get up outta my chairs I filed this action & I was not there for them to ride my coat tails so if they needed to speak on behalf of DCSE they'd have to wait till I was done. Well the donor didn't show again.

But still who the hell do they think they are? I am who takes care of these kids & yes I have had to go through Social services before but only a brief time. I have always worked & took care of them on my own with the help of my momma, friends & family. Of the 90,000 owed to me they may have contributed 5,000 & that's being generous. Well now the donor has been in jail & on work release for almost a year & for a month or two they put 400 a month on that damn card they sent me 6 years ago & until now has never had a dime on it but If you call more than 1 time a month to check they charge me 50cents. What & they rack it up till they collect from him & took it off the top. but when I call it will say you have ZERO dollars not you have negative 4.50.

Sneaky tailholes. Ok it's 50 cents but still What? Neway They put $ on card after forever well guess what dumbbutt got in trouble in jail & is no longer on work release. Ain't that a b****. What are they gonna do nothing let him serve out his time release his tail & the file again so he can not show disapear for another 10 years of frustration for me dealing with the dumbasses a DCSE & courts not to mention the 3 kids who r teenagers now & are expensive. So what can I do some one help me fix this totally messed up system. I'll never get that 90 grand & don't care but I would pay 90 grand for noone else to have to deal with the mess I have had to deal with. & I know everyone who has had any dealings with DCSE has a horror story or two of their own LET's DO SOMETHING!!!

Ok now he owes 98462.14 & has been out of jail 4monts & working still nothing!!! When i call they have no answers & act like I am an idiot because I am calling & the nerve of me to be angry!!!! Now my husband pays for his & did even before we went to court to establish support When we went 2 years ago to establish the judge ordered the amount & said no arrearages!!! Well DCSE does what ever they want & garnish his wages saying he owes 5000 in arrearges so we contact them mail & fax copies of the court order & they say nope your order is wrong & continues taking too much take our taxes we continue appealing finally 2 years later we go back to court & the judge reams them out tells them to stop immediately come back in 30 days to decide how much he has over paid & how to repay him!!! well they again ignore a court order & continue to take for arrearages & when we get to court the judge asks why didn't they follow his order & they were fumbling around & finally judge says well stop now! Now if that were any of us who did not comply with his order we'd be in jail!!!

So the bring this spread sheet whick stopped 30 days prior did not include what they had stole in they had stole in the last 30 days!! I say stole becausew that is exactly what they have done continue to take money that they knew was not due to them!!! It is THEFT!!!! well the solution ended to reduce support by 10%

wooooooooohoooooooo!!! Thats a whole 11.50 a week!!! they took 3 times that from my husband. Fair HUH? So the horror stories will continue for us on both side & our 5 children are ultimately who suffer from a worthless system!!!! What do we do?

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