Victim of a Loop hole of an unjust system

by Alex
(San Jose, Ca)

I was planning to get married for the first time in my life, the bride was a russian girl who we had met in Sacramento area. I knew she would have needed a green card eventually, but hell thats the small price to pay for love. We were not married yet, she got pregnanat and i was very excited, but 60 days after her preganacy one day when i was at work, she packed up her belongings and disappeared into hiding, until i received a notice from DCSS yolo county about birth of my son.

Anchor Babies, is the name given to 300,000 babies who are born to illegal alien mothers, who use the baby as an anchor to overstay in U.S.A.

Obviously, the whores from overseas know much more about the loop holes of our sytem than those who call America our home. You will be surprised to find out that an illegal alien has more right in our society than citizens of this land.

However, here are few solutions:
The Custodian parent is in violation of:

Harboring an illegal alien also is a Felony

THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SPENDS Millions of dollars to protect us from so called terrorist, but ignors to see how vounrable we are from within.
Myself and 300,000 other victimised fathers are screwed and being had by this selfish act of female specious.

She Changed the direction and destiny of my life.
This is not how i had planned my life, this is not how i wanted to make a family, Going to this unjust and arrogant and unconstitutional judicial system was not part of my plan in life.

File charges against this vicious and selfish animals.
(Alien cusodial parent)

In these tough economical times, the DCSS yolo county has not stopped in abuse of power, use exterme forceand suspend my licenses repeatedly, when the wall street investors and bankers in U.S.A, rubbed this cpuntry and brought the economy to its knees, and no one to this day has been blamed or has been brought before any hearing, this legally licensed gang members play us in any form and shape they desire.

Salvery was also legal, if you remember correctly.
The man and woman of law enforcement applied the laws without a hesitation for 300 -400 years.
Jesus was also crusified by the Roman government of time for speaking out and speak the truth about atrocities of the government of the time.

Nothing has changed since, white man rules forcefully as always now , just under different headings and cover.

Go to HTTP:// and read more about all DCSS 'S ARE IN VIoLAION OF 4TH, 10TH AND 14TH AMENDMENTS.

My parental right must be given to me, i should not be applying and begging to see my child.

Fight back,
We need to set up a website,
Collect electronic petition, make ourself heard to a bunch ignorants who hold power, change never comes easy, hardship and struggle is lying ahead.


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May 23, 2012
funny story
by: Anonymous

What a funny story!!!!I just do not understand logic.Something is missing in this story.So there is the only way for you to pay support.Funny,funny.

Apr 14, 2012
by: Anonymous

Telling lies more disgraceful than anything else,and,next to that,owing money.There are many reasons for their horror of debt,but the chief is their conviction that a man who owes money is bound also to tell lies.

Apr 09, 2012
Pay child support!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

Hey, " victim of a loop hole of an unjust and lousy system" ,
Pay child support and everything will be just and not lousy.Wnen you pay,nobody bothers you.Pay child support and cover your child's needs and everything will be sweety and creamy.Just pay support.

Mar 01, 2012
by: Anonymous

DCSS is an unconstitutional entity financed by Federal Government.

State of California is in violation of Federal Immigration law.

DCSS is a debt imposing agency and Debt collection agency.

DCSS is not a court of law. There is no due process.
They use the name of court and power of court to bring fear and intimidation to collect debt.

DCSS in conjunction with other inner governmental agencies commit consipracy to bring punishment against delinquent parents.

For Example: The primary function of DMV is to monitor and impose driving regualtions.
DCSS AND DMV work and collaborate to bring punishemnt without DUE process to United State citizens.
This is called gang banging, ambush, conspiracy, using Excessive Force.
Outlaws with the law degree.
Delinquency is not punishable even in villages of Afghanistan.
Per Fair Debt collection practices act of FTC. collecting by inhumane ways is illegal.

After state of Californis levied my bank acct, in June 2008, right when, united states economy was taking a free fall, the wheels of econmoy had come to standstill, we did not have the rent to pay for that month , me, my wife and my 3 years old daoughter were evicted and we became homeless.
I sletp in my car for a week,outside 24 hours fitness club, where i will have access to a warm place and a bathroom. while my wife and my daughter stayed with her sister.

I am looking for an attorney to sue state of California for felony, and violation of my constitutional rights, EMOTIONAl DISTRESS, VIOALTION OF MY Constitutional rights, use of excessive force without due process.

I have not been charged with any sins, offence or a crime.
I have never in my entire life never committed any sins, offince or crime.
I was alaw abiding citizen.
Now they have made an out law out of me.
I live with fear every day.
I talk to myself all the time.
I cry unexpectedly. I get up in mifddle of the night covered with sweat.
I am a prisoner in the united States of America.
I ca not travel with my AMERICAN PASSPORT.
I want seek immunity from united states government against united States Government.

I want to bring a law suit against DMV charged with conspiracy and collaboration with other govermental agency to bring punishemnt to delinquent fathers without due process.

I have not committed a Sin, Offence or a crime, but in 21st century US of A, ATROCITES ARE BEING COMMITTED.

While the Governmemnt is abusing the tax payers money by giving abundantlY to Israel, Pakistan, Afgahnistan, and 25 other countries small and lage in Billions of dollars,but extensding an unemployment Benefit and taking care of our own is a cause for fight between the only 2 retarded and corrupt political parties in this nation.


Feb 08, 2011
America's Anchor Baby Problem
by: Anonymous

First, you should know that the first comment by "Jack Larsen" is very likely an anchor baby mother posing as an American male. Don't be fooled by these people. They're here to make suckers out of decent, hard-working Americans who are not aware of how immigration law works in the USA. Their evil is pure and incontrovertible.

Second: don't blame white men for the evil acts committed by criminal illegal aliens. Your protest is 100% correct, but blaming American white males is wrong. Do you really think that the typical white male would agree with what these animals do to remain in the USA? Do you think that they would find it OK for a woman to get pregnant by deception for the sole purpose of giving birth to an anchor baby? You think that the typical white man would think it's OK for an anchor baby mother -- a criminal illegal alien -- to sue for child support, buy a home and drive a luxury car?

Visit this website and read how it works:

The people who have the power to get rid of these people are clueless. They let them stay despite their despicable actions. We all know the kind of immigrants we should be importing, yet immigration judges let these lowlife criminal stay and contribute to the decline of the country. Meanwhile, a Family Court judge will throw the victim in prison because he can't afford to pay $700 per month in child support. The victims go to prison, while the anchor baby mother's use fake green cards, collect child support money and use that money to live the high life.

Remember: most of what the Founding Fathers did to create this country was illegal and, if they had lost the revolutionary war, would have cost them their heads. And just about everything that Adolf Hitler did was 100% legal in Germany.

The solution is EXTREMELY simple: deport the criminal illegal aliens, and let the anchor babies stay with their legal dads. Why is it that the power that be don't get that??????????

Jun 25, 2010
vicious father
by: jack larsen

I absolutely disagree with you.
First at all, you have mentioned about illigal mothers who have more rights than citizens of USA.Let me ask you.what rights are you talking about???They even cannot obtain a simple library card to be a member of a library!!!!!
Secondly, if your bride wanted a green card,why did she left you????Remember a woman will never leave a good man!!!
Thirdly, DCSS will never suspend any licenses if you keep paying monthly child support in full and in timely manner.If your licenses have been suspended,it means that you fail to provide support for your child.
Your article will support only incompetent dregs of society who try to avoid paying child support to their own children.
How can you call your child " an anchor baby".So called deportation of illigal mother will not solve your problems with child support and you will still have to provide financial support for your child and in won't stop your obligation paying child support.Anyway,did you think what would happen to your child if the mother is deported????!!!Do you understand what kind of phycological trauma can be done to yuor child!!!!????
You don't deserve to be called a father.You are vicious nd selfish animal but NOT THE MOTHER OF YOUR CHILD!!!You neither have heart nor soul.You even cannot have a right to be called a man because you have neither concept of honour nor nobility.
At conclusion I want to say again that your vile article can support only rascals who reject their own children.If really your ex-bride left you,I am sure she made a right choice.
Jack Larsen

Feb 04, 2010
Family Law Workshop and Child Support Needs
by: Fathers Resource Center

Check out the Fathers Resource Center. They helped me with my supervised visitation and they were cheaper than everyone else. I only paid $40 per hour and most other were about $75 for the same service. They have a Familiy law work shop onthe 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month. You should go. I went and got some real good information. Also you may want to ask them about the Child Support Workshop.

The Fathers Resource Center is the place to go.

Jan 08, 2010
count me in
by: jon from sacto

I agree with everything you said changes need to be made anything i can do in support holla check out J.Banta iin sac area father resource center helped me get 50/50 custody and minimum child support couldn't have got it without them JONEPLING@YAHOO.COM

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