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When my daughter was born I dropped out of school to take care of her and so at the time my girlfriend could finish school. Everything was fine while we was together. I was attending father resource classes here in my state to obtain my GED. We broke up and all hell breaks loose. I was supporting my daughter the entire time and she put me on child support. As I stated I was trying to obtain my GED and now child support is telling me I need to make payments.

I didnt have a job at the time because I was trying to obtain my GED. If I didnt drop out of school to help her, then she would not have a chance to finish school herself. The relationship became very rough because of now I had a new girlfriend and was doing my best to support my daughter and work. I could no longer take GED classes. This entire time and my daughter is not 6 years old, the mother gives me a hard time to see my child. My sister tired for a few years to get my daughter so there would not be a arguement about anything. My child support was behind because of the GED situation, but I am caught up now and visitation are still not fair.

She has nothing to argue about and this is the only she can try to get to me. I love my daughter and I have been there from day one. Too much confusion on her end and all I want to do is see my daughter and have her on hoildays and have her faily during the year when my family has things going on.

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