Wait til i leave

by Derrick Davis

I am a now 26 year old college student. When I left my hometown I had been laid off, I lost my home, car pretty much everything went down hill. My mother offered me a place to stay that is over 400 mi away from where I formerly resided. So I move down to kind of get my life right. I hadn't been gone for a month or so when the mother of my kids began badgering me about when I was going to come back. Without a definate answer I was stuck to have to adhere to the verbal abuse about how bad of a parent I was. So to try to make up for it I would take my unemployment payments or a portion there of and go down to my hometown and visit with them on a couple of occasions I actually brought my son back with me. Before I was gone for a good year she went and filed child support on me. Mind you my son is only 2 at the time, and both of the trips he had made with me by this time were prior to his 3rd birthday. I was at the hospital when he was born, we share the same name, and birth month, I even have he and his sisters initials tattooed across my heart. But all that to say this she goes into the Denton County child support coourt and lies to the OAG and AAG, and says I have never done anything for him in his life. I was then coralled into the coourt room where by this time I was very angry, so i plopped down onto one of the court benches. After I did that i was threatened by the judge with incarceration for sittg down to hard(abusing the furniture). The told i was wrong she was right evrything is my falut and I am a deadbeat. All this because I lost everything and tried to start over and get a better education so that I could get a better job to provide for my children so how does that sound.

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