What a joke they are! Texas child support div.

by Teri Hundley
(McKinney, TX)

16 years ago, my daughters father ran from job to job, taking lesser paying jobs just to stay out reach of the Attorney General. They caught up with him, around 1996 of course delay after delay, blood test, etc., finally went to court and received an order for $300.00 monthly, and about $7000.00. After not paying for roughly 7 or 8 months, anything on the order, we returned to court, (they always claimed to have sent him a letter)he finally started paying. He had 2 other children as well, so my percent was less than normal.

He would pay off and on, get behind, I would contact AG office and they would. "send a letter". When they would intercept a refund, he would with hold payment for the length of time to "pay himself back".
He and I had NO contact.

A few years ago, I found that he had a company, "Gen-X Mfg., at the time owned by him, "Jeff Johnson", and his sales were $550,000.00 to $1,000,000 yrly. I knew his children would be out of school, and returned to the AG. After 7-8 months of complaining to them, because they, "couldn't find", by request for review; we had a meeting set up to meet at AG's office, in Feb. 2009.

He didn't show up! I was there most of the day! Again, tehy dropped the ball, and I began complaining, and finally things began rolling in Sept. 2009. (I had also called them and told them that he has taken the company out of his name, and put it in his wifes, rigth after the Feb. meeting that he didn't show up to. (Also showed them the Sec of State Franchise cert, listing him as owner.

In Dec. we had a court date, and upon my arrival, they stated that he was not there, but they would move forward as he had been served. So, they usually would do those at the end of the day, and just letting me know so I wouldn't get discouraged. Around 3pm, they opened my file, to find a Dr's excuse in there, sent around 4:45pm, the previous day! (That day cost me $200.00 in salary) Court date re-set for Jan.2010.
Stayed most of the morning, and around 11:00am, they told me that he had a Dr's excuse and was going through Chemo, the excuse was for 3 months. (That day cost me 1/2 day vacation or $100.00) Court date re-set for Apr.

April 2010, he didn't show up, and I told them to open his folder before I sit there all day. No Dr's excuse.

So I waited. Got to talk to an Atty. and showed her all the paper work, even where he laid himself off from his own company and collected unemployment against in in Oct.2009 (Right after he received notice that his case was under review process) She could only increase Child support by $40.00 monthly, based on his reported wages to the Workforce commission. But did get a temp order on reimbursing me for med ins, from that point on.

I told her that he had changed everything and was putting it in his wifes name, so she said they would investigate and do a "discovery", and if he did that, they would find out. (Cost to me, another $200.00 for the day)Court re-set for June 24. June 24th, he showed up with his wife, he in a wheel chair, hardly able to lift his head. He truly looked terrible! When the attorney got to us, around 1:30-2:00, she told me he had nothing in his name, and that he was dying. I said, but he has put it all in her name. (Mind you I could hear he and his wife cussing the whole time while we waited about how ridiculous this was). She said, he is on his death bed and getting his affairs in order, and even if it had been in his name, the judge would not put him in jail. The temp order was agreed upon, and we went on our way.

I told my daughter about him dying and she wanted to contact him. The letter she wrote him came back, and I located his mothers phone number. Happy reunion, all excited and great to my daughter, he has taken her for weekends in the summer, even waking them all out on his nice boat. (Sold his house and equipment to his company, wants to buy her a car, etc.etc.) Not dying, never told anyone that he was. (yes he had cancer, and it was gone) I did ask him why he could show up to court in a wheel chair, then less than 2 weeks later drive from Terrell to my work on Richardson, hop out of the truck to meet my daughter then take her all over the place, without the wheel chair that "he borrowed from his mom".

Anyhow the attorney generals Atty's made an assumption, and basically granted a court order after his evasiveness for 3 years!

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Ignorant fathers
by: Ira Skirlock

I have read a few of the comments made by some men on here about supporting there children, and how you should'nt have to pay for having sex with women and children being born. I have to tell you people are the most ignorant bastards I have ever heard speaking about the child that you fathered. I am a father and love my children very much. And I believe that if you are a dead beat dad I believe first you should hav your penis cut off so you do not continue to breed from the shallow end of the gene pool, you are the disease in this country and the laws put in place to enforce these laws were to apply to ignorant people like you. It is your responcibly to provide for the children you father.

Too Bad!!
by: Anonymous

Having a child with a man is the proof that the woman had sex with the man. Asking for money for sex is called "prostitution" in simple words.
If a man loves his children and want to pay for their expenses he is a good dad otherwise he is a dog. In either case a man should not be forced to pay for having sex with a woman who did not love him in ht e first place.
It is all messed up antichrist way of life.

So Sad
by: Anonymous

Tough titty. You spread your legs. The government should not have to intervene on your behalf. Stay on your feet, not your back. Hard lesson but life is a cruel teacher.

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