What about the mothers???

I had my son when I was 20 years old. My ex was out doing drugs behind my back and spent $10,000 we had saved without me knowing. I got a letter from the bank saying the accont was -1500$ My landlord send me and eviction notice the day before he left saying rent hadn't been paid in 2 months.. He had crashed my car so I had NOTHING!!!! he was gone for a year... no contact on money... He came back after a year and went in the army.

My laywer told me that I couldn't have is rights terminated cause the army protects fathers from losing their children due to not seeing them... even if it was before they were in the Army!!!! WHAT!!!! now he is out of the army and still hasnt seen his son in about two years. he is behind on child support and hasnt even talked to our son on the phone in over a year and a half. He wanted me to fly my son to sc to see him .. R U KIDDING ME.... Why the hell whould i fly him 1000 miles away from home to see a man he doesnt even know... then he asked me to drive him to NY... Again.. Why would I!!! He hasnt taken the time to call.. he thinks a card here or there and child support here or there is being a father.... GET OUT OF HERE!!! He should have NO rights to his son.. He left his son with NOTHING... Then sent NOTHING... If you think fathers are the ones with no rights you need to keep looking. Cause even tho i have my son I (for good reason) his father still shouldnt have any rights to him.... BUT HE DOES!!!

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Sep 30, 2011
by: Anonymous

I totally agree with you. My son father is in the Military and from day one did not want him. I have raised him for 5 years and 2 years ago he decides he wants to be apart. But see he wants to come around when he wants to. I feel that it is not stable to come in and out of a childs life.. so I'm sorry but some mothers do and should allow the mental safety of their children by not allowing the fathers to come and go once a year without calling. This man has NEVER paid child support and if he did it would be 150 here and there. My son is now 7 and Child Support agency has just caught up with him and he is ordered to pay a 1000 but only sends 400 a month. The only thing 400 does is cover his health insurance, I'm still doing the rest and NOT complaining because I know that if I had to do it over I would because I love my son so much and he means the world to me. But I would NOT let a dad come in and out of his life once a year without calling throughout the year. So please do not trash talk all mothers, we have reasons also. And I have given chances after chances for visitation and it hasnt worked out well. Some fathers do not return their children and thats a mothers biggest fear and that happen to me two years ago!

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