What can I do? Please Help

by Mel Cardenas
(san antonio tx bexar)

I divorced him in May/2008. He only wanted to pay child support an amount of 300.00 a month and he gets paid every week. The court and judged agreed an amount about 526.00 a month. He was extremely upset stated " I was all about the money" and "I'm not paying to see or visit my kids." Well he does pay. Me on the other hand I didn't want his money for our children but he DOES pay I do want to stress that in my story.

This man now is stating "How can u do this, ur keeping my kids away from me.

Our beautiful daughter is 14 yrs old and our handsome son is now 12 yrs old. However, they are not close to their father(nor has he attempted to see them and he has our current address) and they have stressed to me that they do not want to visit w/him. My daughter has reported to her counselor that he had been driving late in the morning at 1-2 am after drinking. My son has also reported to his counselor that he gets pinched by his father. My children have been in counseling for other reasons. Their counselor has advised that if they do not want to see him to NOT FORCE THEM. Also, my attorney has advised as well. I'm at a lost because he says he's taking ME to court now. SO he states. My daughter has her own cell phone and she claims that there have been no calls, no texts, and no messages. What can I do? Do I keep encourgaging my children to see their father even though they do not want to. I wish the judge would speak w/my children.

Their father texts me when he is at work telling me to grow up and he will not provide me with his current address that he resides at. He only provides me with his mothers address.

I'm sorry but I feel that I have provided him w/my NEW address and all information that he has requested why is it a battle for him to do the same.
What can I do?

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what do i do
by: jessica

Hi, I have two daughters by the same guy, one of them is 4 and the other is 2 years old. we broke upin 2008 then we tried to make it work again in 2010. However during the time we were broken up I filed for child support when we went to court he agreed on the judgement which he was ordered to pay $836 a month and medical insurance for both our kids he has 20%visitation thru the court because at the time we were dating and he was here 4days a week. then when we broke it off he stop coming by on weekends and weekdays. He kept telling me he was broke but yet I have pictures of him getting drunk and partying with his freinds on weekends.He didnt pay child support they actually started to garnish his wages in december of 2010 then he text me saying how could I let him live off of 500 bucks every 2weeks.I never told him he couldnt visit our kids he stopped on his own hes only visited 9times since oct2010. Now whenever he gets mad at me for whatever reason he tells me hes taking me to court. my older daughter wished not to see him nor talk to him.she is going to counceling because of it,and now hes told my older daughter to tell me hes taking me to court. she has been crying and is really upset by what hes told her now.he textes me saying hurtful things. can i file a restraining order on him.what do i do??

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