What do I do? I need HELP.

by terra

I am a 31 year old female, my ex got married to a woman with money, to make a really long story short, the judge gave father custody, i have no money and his wife did so they hired a good lawer and she stole my baby boy from me put restraining orders on me and brain washed my innocent child,my ex and his wife told my son she was the mother not me. i pay 400 month child support while i also have to support my oldest child who is thirteen. I struggle to even have a roof over our heads. i have not seen my boy for four years. I dont know how to see him without having money for a lawer. im not a crimanal or drug user oor abuser of any kind. His father on the other hand is not nice to girls and i told the judge all the bad things to get my child out of their and he denied my childs safty simply because he lived with him for five months, I practicaly livved there to though, i want to be around my child as much as i could. i cant find cheap enough rent the most i can afford is three, three fifty, i just dont know how they exspect me to survive. I dont eat much i cant afford to, my oldest is staying at my cousins cause i cant find a cheap enough place to live. I dont know what to do, I have a full time job and no time to research for help.
thank you for listening,sincerely terra furtado

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by: Anonymous

recommend searching internet for parenting classes or self help at court house find support group not because you need it but their fairly inexpensive and will have access to people who can help you file paperwork, find inexpensive lawyer and also help you see that there are others in your shoes i'm a father but went through the same thing and there is hope took me three years but it worked unfornutaly money talks and if he has a lot it won't be easy but is possible and if your doing everyything you can to see your child more it's a little easier dealiing with the loss the mother tend to have more rights in our court system except when money becomes an issue than it's the highest bidder good luck

by: Kay

Do you know of Section 8? Rural Housing & Development? Your rent goes by your income 33% then you may be able to qualify for Food Stamps. If not check your local churches & food pantry for food assistance. Salvation Army, United Way, Red Cross sometimes help w/electric bills (also try your town trustee) or food, or rent assistance. If you have a organization called Community Action Program (I believe it's thru HUD)they sometimes can put you in emergency housing, or other assistance.

Best of Luck to you!

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