What is the fight for?

by Rose Talton
(Tuscaloosa, Al )

He is a STRONG young man

He is a STRONG young man

Is it enough? God, I ask myself that everyday. A lot recently though while I have been considering taking the father of my son back to court for more "child support". Money is great and wonderful when it comes to paying for field trips and lunch and "cool" clothes as my son would call it so he feels better in school. Money for food into his mouth so that he can grow. Money to keep a shelter, no, a home over his head so he can sleep safely at night. Money for that one book that he really wants to build his imagination or the money to play t-ball so that he can learn the joy of a team and the feeling of winning! So after saying all of that, why is it so hard to get that "child support" from a father with out him putting up a fight? The fight shouldn't be there. Why can he not just realize that all I want from him is "child support". For him to support his child in all the things that are important to him and his life, like all that I have listed above. Men and Women, give up the fight between each other and let's fight for our children to be able to have what they need in life to grow and learn and live and to be Happy!

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