What kind of right does a father has when he only pays enfoce chil support.

by Cinthia

Well here is my story, my ex boyfriend and i broke up and i started the process of child support since he wants giving me any money, note he has another daughter which he doesn't see just for excuses he has made on his own mind because i really dont consive how can he not see his daughter when he can go to court and get visitation right he also pays enforce childsupport well lets go back to my storie.

Im now getting childsupport in the court we got into a mutual agreement between him and i before going infront of the judge that he was going to have the baby every other weekend we both agreed and jusdge gave him credit for those days out of the year, i didn't mind since i want for him to be involved in my daughters life, she loves him to peaces and would be interfeer in that. After that day, he never called me to see the baby hi lives at his parents house, his mom is the one that always call me to pick up the baby from daycare but he never does, i called him like three times he never answers my calls. On my daughters bday he didnt call i went to his mothers house she had a cake he was working and she called him and gave the phone to the baby (4) he promised her he will buy a a barbie never did. He is always promising to her stuff, like he is taking her to the park, ect.... I sent him a text on thursday on this week to let him know that this was his weekend like we had agreed, he said it was ok, yesterday he was supposed to pick her up from day care like at 3pm @ 3:50 pm he texted me that he was living to the beach the hall weekend and he wasn't going to pick her up, i got really mad because i can never have plan since he is always saying he will and then he doesn't. Can someone explain to me what are his rights ???? i mean he never takes care of her, she is always with me or his mom, when she is at his mom house he barely talks to her.

He told me he wants going to take me to court for visitation cause i told him that i was tired of him disapointing her like that she was expeting him not me when i went to pick her up she asked for her dad, im doing logs so that i can filed for a child support modification since she is with me practicly all the time. please advice......

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