What my husband is currently experiencing

by Jamie
(Knoxville, Tennessee)

My husband is currently behind in child support to his ex. #1 He has NEVER been behind before until he lost his job and became very ill. I needed this sentence to be stated before sending any other information.

I understand that child support is VERY important to the one the support is being given too as I receive child support from my ex-husband for my twin girls - currently 13 yrs old. The difference with me, is that I made financial decisions with everything I currently have (house, car, etc...) as if I was not receiving child support from my ex. This ensured me that if anything ever did happen (God forbid), such as not receiving the support, that I could still take care of my children. This being said - can you PLEASE give me some advise pertaining to my husbands situation?

We have a, soon to be, one year old together. He has not paid ANYTHING to me, for anything, to be able to take care of our daughter (medical expenses and all). I have a hard time supporting my two children from a previous marriage, our daughter, and him due to not being able to work (lets not forget medical bills) - BUT I also can't get mad at him because there is NOTHING he can do right now.

Why my husband can't currently pay his court ordered child support, as well as help me with our daughter because:

My husband has been battling chronic pancreatitis, Lupus (the one that attacks your organs), and pancreatic cancer. He is very ill almost every other day and just simply sick every day. He is not only taking, at age 38, over 14 different medications (a day) but has to have chemo and radiation treatments. He also has to have treatments for when his Lupus acts up or he just can't simply function. He has, with me trying to discourage it, tried to apply for jobs and simply has been turned down. Do you blame them - would you want to hire someone that you don't know on a daily basis if they will be at work the next day, which is why you hired them, because of his current physical state. I know I wouldn't!

In turn, and this is only a small description of what is currently happening written above, this is why I have written to ask for your help - if possible.

Thank you for listening and I pray that you can help me. He is due back to court next week - the 26th of January - in which his ex is requesting him to be put in jail. To clarify, his ex knows he is extremely ill. I am scared that something bad will happen and I will not only lose my husband, my babies father, (kids from previous marriage) father as well.

Please help me!

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