When the system fails you

by chris shivers
(arlington Tx)

I have been raising my son for 3yrs and transfer to Tx with my job to support my family,only being the only income providing for my son i filed papers in the court to relocate my son for a better life.His mom never came to visit him well only when she felt like it, so i was stuck raising him.Not knowing that the judge hate men made me out to be A-Deadbeat-dad who beat my Ex and ran women.My Ex never tistfied, This was a relocation not a divorce,we had been divorce for 3yrs.i was strip from my son only with supervise visitation which i never got,like i said my ex never tisafied.Found out that the judge hate the cousler on this case. I file for appeal and won back childsupport which i havent gotten yet.the judge order me to pay 1500 a month spousal and childsupport which i had other child support order that never was added in the figure.The court of appeal over turn her ruling,and sent this back to her court room to settle the back child support to and visitation it took 3mth to get back into court which turn around of holding me in contempt for being behind on child support and spousal support. i have six kids who i support and a new wife i have lost my car because of this court stuff and being held in contempt if i dont pay this amount and forget about my other kids and wife.i am a good father who loves all his kids, once i am in the system i am known as a deadbeat dad.only trying to support his family once i pay all of the child support and spousal support i dont have nothing left for my family in Tx,I have proving my ex unfit but judge will not look at the edvidense i will fight this till i have gotten justice i have never been in jail more than getting a ticket for speeding.This judge hates men and feel like we should not have any rights to our kids.

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abused by the system
by: Abused

I am just amazed how people can say anything they want about another person useing the system and dont have to prove any of what they say.If they ARE proven wrong there are no actions takeing against them for lieing!Makeing false accusations seems to be the way to go as the system seems to welcome this if it makes the father look bad.
I have had many false accustions against me and it was up to me to prove them wrong rather then the way it should be and have these accustions proved to be true by the other party.
It also amazes me how easy the system is to abuse.My X spent a soild year on the computer before she left me learning how to do it the right way.She lied when she needed to,to pass what the system neded to hear to make her an abused women and i was never able to give my side of the story.
I have spent over 50k fighting to see my son and when i finaly get a court order she denies me access and now i have to go back to court to inforce the court order i have,because my 50 thosand dollar peice of paper didnt have POLICE INFORCABLE on it.I am now broke and can not afford to go back to court.I have to admit that the system has beaten me and in the end its my son thats really loses.

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