When you think you finshed with child support.

by Walter A. Stevenson
(Boston, MA)

My youngest child, turned 18, in August on 2010. I was sent a letter that my child support last payment would be in August of 2010. I thought I been pay clild support for my four children since 1993, when my x wife divored me. I payed of 500 dollars a month for four children.

This amount was okay when I was working. When I became disabled and wheelchair bound. I could not work as a cook anymore. I gotten behind in my payments because, I was in the hospital for over three months. When I had to aply for SSI, and the amount money that I was reciving was less than half of what I was making, when I was working. The child support order did not change. I still have to pay 500 dollars every month. The state of Massachusetts child support enforcement does not care about your cirumstances; they just want there money.

I aplyed for food stamps only to get turned down, be cause I My SSI check before I have to pay child support is over the amount to qualify for food stamps. In order for me to make ends met I have to go to food panty every month. I can even afford to by my self a pair of eye glasses that I need.

Thank God for my present girl friend we been together for over 18 years. She pays most of the bills,and most of the rent, because I can not. She refuse to marry me or have child with me because, she feel that our family would suffer. I can understand where she is coming from.

when I recive that letter form child support saying that, I will no longer have to pay child support out of my SSI check. I thought I lives would change. Maybe I could give my girlfried a vacation or something.

In September I recived another letter that the State of Massachsetts is know collecting child support untill the child is 21 years old. I thought I was done with child support. I have to 500 dollars for 3 more years! This is not the end of this story.

I called my local SSI office and told them that I was not done with child support. and How would I go about re instating my child support payments. I was infromed that Child support enforcement would take care of it. I took them 4 months to do so. At this time in order for child support to get there back payments they overdrawn my bank account for over 700 dollar and I have to go court to get my money back.

I am in the rears in child support for over 2000 dollar. I did not tell the state of Massachsetts Child support Enforement to stop taking the payment from my SSI check. Didn't they know that the support order was going to continue until the child is know 21.

I don't understand how a system can run so stupidly. I have to pay my back child suport and penalties for no fault of my owne.

So if you live in Massachsetts and pay child support. You may think your done with child support when your child turns 18. Don't be suprise if your not.

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Almost done with support...
by: Anonymous

That's all you paid for four kids? I don't even make six figures and paying $1000 a month for one kid. System is such racket!

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