Where is Justice

by Michelle

I just wanted to write our story and see what we can do for these FATHER'S that are someone and do something for there children.My husband is a great Father we live in the State of TEXAS and it is hard here.I have been with my Husband for 5yrs and he has always payed his child support.Always has his children he has 3 children 2 by one mother and one by another.The oldest has turned 18 and moved in with my husbands parents and the mother is mad she has 6 children by a different man and thinks that my husbad should have to pay for the rest of her children She is money hungry and has always been this way My husband has gotten fired from 3 jobs cause the state goes and picks him up to put him in jail for something that is just unjusticed they come up with something like OH WILL HE HAD A COURT DATE that he didnt go to (But was never severd the papers)So he loses that job now he has BACKPAY cause he ends up in jail.then he starts another job and then 3 months later they go and get him again cause they said that he OWES TO MUCH he then he loses that job Its never ending with these people they want the father to pay and they do but then it still not good enough for them.

I have 3 children not by him and my children's father owes $60,000 and they have not done anything to him no jail time no NOTHING and they know where he lives they have everything that they need but still nothing and have not recived anything for 13 yrs HOW does any of this make sence.I have my husband that is a great father that see's his children ever chance that he get's and then I have my childrens father that does not and my husband is the one that is always in jail . The AG's office is all kinds of missed up instead of going for the fathers that do.Do something in there childrens life they go after them instead of the one that don't do anything.He is in jail right now for the same BULLS*** they said that he had court but we were not serverd with anything No paper work NOTHING.I have been though ALOT this year My mother just passed 09/26/2009 buried on 10/02/2009 and we she had no Insuarnce so I had to for 3 day from sun up to sun down have beffent's for her.So that we can lay her to rest.When I talked to the AG's office and I told them what was going on they simpley told me this (YOU'RE MOTHER HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM GOING TO COURT)and I tried and tried to tell them that he is the only one there for me. In July 17,2009 I lost my grandmother my mothers mom on the 21st we buried her the same month On July 25th I lost my nephew we buried him on the 28th I know that this has nothing to with him but they want me to come up with $2.500 and Im trying to tell them that I simply cant Will they tell me ( THERE IS NOTHING THAT THEY CAN DO HE SHOULD HAVE GONE TO COURT)and Im the only one that is here for him His mom and dad just got back from out of town they lost a loved one also a week befor my mother passed away.

But still nothing.I cant belive that the STATE is the hard on fathers that give a Dime out there children we as the wives as the sister's and mother's should all GET TOGETHER AND DO SOMTHING TO CHANGE THIS. We have to do something for the men out her that do want and LOVE there children we need to do something PASS A LAW some How to help these father's out this is just to MUCh.And for someone like me who is a Woman and I have a DIED BEAT DADA in my life the law is made for us but not like this there are ALOT of Females out here that use this law for there out personal and selfish reason and it is not far for this Father's to go though this ... Thanks

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Justice for the Men too
by: pierce

Men are getting a raw deal in most of the child support cases. San Antonio(Bexar county) Texas Is the worst. My husband is 52yrs daughter 34yrs old married two children and by now getting divorce. My husband paid his child support but the mistake he made was caring about his daughter. When the child support was ordered 34 years ago.Ex ask pay me it takes to long to get it through the child support.Big mistake on his part. Now the B takes him to court 34 years later and gets a 148,000.00 judgement against him. The slim ball which by the way reputation is know to work on the edge of disbarment at all times)Leved our bank account and took all of our saving and checking and moneymarket account.Well he is now paying garshments of 1/2 of his paycheck. Which does not leave us enough to live on and if that is not bad enough.3 months later the Slim ball lawyer has decided to comeback now and get another judgement on hubby 401k. They will cause husband to loss job of 20 years. Then he will go to jail & lose job. If he is real lucky to get another,it will likley pay 678 or maybe 9 hr. And will get 1/2 half of that. And the slim ball will have to get his 40% out of that amount. Ha Ha. You deserve it. As it is, my husband started out working at 5 dollars hour and worked up to the amount he makes right now . Which is very good. The B and the slim ball are getting about 2000.00 a month. But they are not smart enough to leave it along and not mess up their play house. Over about 8,000.00 dollars in 401k that slim ball is willing to lose his clients 2,000.00 a month and his 40 percent of that. Remember this is on a 148,000.00 judgement that will go on for ever. The point is that the Texas family law says that after the age of 18 12 years later the child support is null. Well dont believe the law they can interpertute it any way in San Antonio (Bexar co. Texas the way they want to. Dont get married in Bexar co. or divorced in Bexar co. Oh if that is not enough , the slim ball has leins on everything we own which is nothing but our home now. And my husband has to live on a cash basis because he can not have any bank account. The slim ball has leins thought out the United States. He can not put anything in his name if he wants it. Which he could not buy anything anyway. Our life has been distroyed .
The main thing I am trying to say is. Where are the lawyers that know how to help a man in this sitution. They seem to only know how to help the women. It is time we has some new laws and to change a few to repersent the men and remember all we harp about is support your kids . Yes I agree. But remeber the man did not rape the women when she got pregnaut. So why is it the man only responsible to support, Support , Support. And for you out their that is going say will some of he women do . Yes but not as many and men that get the shaft. You judges wake up to the right thing. Remember the women are not helpless today as once were.

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