by Allison L. Wall
(Hope, Arkansas)

Darrell, Justin and Cody

Darrell, Justin and Cody

My first husband and I divorced when our second son was just a few months old. When we were divorced I was awarded child support (For Darrell and Justin). I never could get out local CSEU to do anything for me. I raised my children and stayed off the system. Paying my own insurance premiums through my job and having to accept only the dimes and pennies he would throw us once or twice a year. 17 Years after our divorce I took him back to court with a private attorney and they found him in contempt for the s4econd time. They had a 2,500$ BA and awarded me 17,000 in back arrears and set a new current child support order. For 1 year until the youngest turned 18 he paid some. Now since he has found out that I am determined one way or the other to get the money owed to my boys he sends in 25$ a week to the court clerk. This has been for the past month only. He is buying new mobile home cars trucks and didnt even attend our sons graduation because he went to pick a woman he meet on the internet in another state. He has been married 3 times and has a son with each of the other ladies. He is working on wife number 4 which just so happens to be my 26 year old neice who turned her husband in for back child support with a girl he was with before they married as teenagers. The night they picked this boy up she moved in with my ex-husband. It was all my exes idea. He is now evading justice because his 18yr old son by his second wife was shot and killed by another young man here in our home town on May10, 2008. The prosecutor here says he is a victim of crime, yes the father my ex a victim. The man has been excused on rape charges, is in felony arrears, known drug dealer, several domestic violance charges against him and he is the vicitim (GO FIGURE). I have been working for 3 years on this. He is now $34,017.72 and 10% annuity is about to be added April 14th. CAN ANYONE HELP ME. COLLEGE IS EXSPENSIVE!!!!!!!! i WANT THE MONEY OWED TO MY CHILDREN

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