Who wins? The government . How is that so? Here is what I found.

by Nothing left to give.
(Eastern, WA)

I'll start by saying I don't mind paying a reasonable amount for child support. I'm not mad at my X-wife. We were together for 7 years. Our son was not an accident he was a decision we both made and wanted. No regrets. I'm not against paying reasonable child support. Here is were things get complicated.

I started going to collage full time while still working full time. I was behind on child support by about 3000.00 prior to that from lack of work. I had job offers in other cities but stayed in a low income city to be close to my son. I hustled extra jobs, sold or pawned everything I could for a year. Still making payments just not the full amount. DSHS garnished my wages from my job that only paid 9.00 per hour while I was in collage. Leaving me $50.00 per week. I had to drop out. I lived on friends couches for the next 6 months (yes still working) I lived off the land in the mountains another six months to stay near my son. Then I had to swallow my pride and move away back to my parents house in my mid thirty's. I have been fired from 2 jobs as soon as child support started garnishing my wages. (Not the reason I was told I was fired but they found reasons right when the garnishments start) I work for a company that this time did not fire me. I started making decent commissions. My first check was garnished for 50%. I can't get back to my son now as any extra money is used just to cover bills and I live rent free.

My son is the one who is loosing here. His dad is gone. Now to top it off I am ordered to pay another $100.00 per month for his health insurance. My X-wife and her husband makes to much money to qualify for state health insurance. So I have to pay for it now on top of child support that is 800.00 for one child.

I wondered how the system expects fathers to get by under these situations. So I started to wonder what would cause an agency to be so motivated to collect a check (and as much as they can or want) and hand it over to the recipient. Government is money motivated. So were is there cut? Here is the link from one of there x-employees. Now its clear there are bigger forces at work here.

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So sad, but true..
by: Anonymous

This is so sad. I really don't know what more to say, but GOD is real and this corrupt system most come to a halt.

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