Why Doesn't Arizona Enforce Child Support

by Cassandre
(Bullhead City, USA)

I get frustrated because my ex is one of these that claims he's self employed, but has no work. He posts pictures of great vacations with the new wife and step kids, beautiful new boats, etc...but claims he can't help with his 4 biological kids.

I have a great job that should afford the basics and even extras but because I pay his share of the bills so that my kids can eat and have electricity, I barely make it check to check...often having to borrow money.
DCSE says they will enforce support, but don't do much. Self employment is the new black for deadbeat dads. Why not attach their bank accounts? And if I placed an ad naming him a deadbeat, is that considered slander???

All I know, is that something has to be done.
On the other hand...my fiance's ex-wife told DCSE that he never paid a dime in support. They billed him for 12 grand. Then she admitted she lied and the bill was dropped to 500 dollars, which he promtly paid. There always these warning about what can happen if you defraud the state, and yet, nothing happened. She fakes SSI and lives off of welfare and our state just allows this kind of fraud. Why?

He is a hard worker who pays his support.
I am a hard worker that gets no support.
Is it true that good guys finish last?

There is something wrong with this system is fraudulent wives and deadbeat dads get away with draining the system.

And meanwhile...I continue to pay taxes.

Do I have to go on welfare to get some help here?

In the meantime, I have an asthmatic child who needs monthly meds that I have started selling home appliances to pay for. I get no state aid. No child support. Few if any tax breaks. It seems that you are punished for being a hard working American these days.

DCSE needs to stand for what it was created for. Look what other states are doing. Enforce jail time. ACTUALLY take away their business licenses.

Maybe if child support was enforced we wouldn't have so many people on welfare and the state wouldn't be losing funds.

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Child Support Insidiously Alienating Fathers
by: Sean C Julian

So what is wrong with Child Support?

Its power is virtually unchecked. Women are rewarded for using its power. The system is unfair to children, depriving them of their rights to a father.

It cannot deliver on what it promises. In theory, it promises women the social and sexual freedom of being single while retaining both their children and the economic benefits of marriage.

That is a promise made by the state to women on behalf of men. The state does not ask men what they promised women; it simply jails men if they fail to deliver on the promises it made to women on their behalf.

Most would reply that single moms do not have it that great. Look at all the child support that is not paid and how many divorced moms struggle. Being a single mom is practically synonymous with being a victim. That is simply another argument against the Child Support System–it makes victims of single moms because it cannot deliver on what it has promised.

In conclusion, Child Support System in its entirety is a complete failure. Victim moms, jailed dads, fatherless kids, that is what the Child Support System delivers.

I understand Completely
by: Sarah Stewart

We need to do something!

My husband has full custody and his ex is a "Full time Student" Which is a loop hole because they don't take student loans she refuses to get a job because she thinks its paying for him i and our son together. Do you really think your small contribution will go to me? My husband has a great job and makes good money because of no support help we live pay check to pay check and we moved in with a family member. Meanwhile she has a condo, Gym membership, a brand new car, and takes vacations to vegas all the time. As Custodial Parents everyone needs to stand up and make a fuss WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING!!!!! No one cares about us because its not them lets make them care lets be the squeeky wheel that gets the oil here the state wont help DCSE wont help lets get it done ourselves we wont lay quyiet while they go delinquent anymore. Everyone should start by writting a letter to the governor if we all do it they cant ignore us!

Not paying
by: Cassandre

Anon, no...his new wife doesn't pay for anything. She just got out of jail again and doesn't have a job. I'm one of the few people I know that looks at both sides in their own situation. That's why I said nothing for two years...giving him time. He has 8K in his account right now. But doesn't pay. So, I understand you trying to look on the positive, but that's not the case here. He can pay, but chooses not too. Also...her child...? She doesn't have custody. They play disneyland daddy with her kid when he visits. I wish my kids at least got that.

maybe he doesn't really have the money to pay
by: Anonymous

I agree. It does suck that kids go without, but yyou mentioned that your ex has a new wife. Maybe she is paying for all the things your talkn about like the boat and vacations. His child support is his problem. She shouldn’t have to pay it for him. Right? Plus it sounds like she has kids too becuz u mentioned step kids. I’m not arguing with you about your kids not being taken care of because it sux to see ur kids going without (trust me, I know). But u gotta make sure ur looking at boith sides. Maybe he really can’t afford what the court ordered.

Pay Your Support
by: Anonymous

You have almost gone to jail for no paying child support? Then pay your child support! You have no lawyers to defend you? Why should they defend you for not paying your support? BTW, I don’t have a lawyer either. That has nothing to do with it. If your ex has enough $ to get a lawyer, then he has money, which means your child support is actually less!
Support is based on your income. The income YOU report, so you should pay it if you have chosen to not have your kids in your care. And your ex can’t “get more” unless you’re making more. I don’t see the problem here. You or your ex reported your federal income and support was based on that. Why aren’t you paying it?
Your ex, who for some strange reason has custody, is paying his share to keep them alive. If you feel this is wrong, why didn’t you get custody?
It’s really tough for someone like me to fight the system when so many others are justifying their bad choices. I don’t know your situation, but the post you made doesn’t put you in the best light.

They do enforce it, selectively
by: Anonymous

The problem is not that they don't enforce the rules. The problem is that they choose the easy targets to enforce the rules on. I have almost gone to jail for not paying support, because I am easy to find and easy to track, and have no lawyers or anyone to defend me, while my ex lives it up, and keeps asking for more. I am self-employed, but I still pay everything I make to my ex (fortunately for me, I have a husband who takes care of me because everything I make goes to my children). Of course, my ex is not satisfied with everything I make. He wants what my husband makes too.

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