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Child upport for men safe haven for women?
by: Adam

First, I congratulate you.

My comment which is a little off subject is about the safe haven laws which allow for a parent to abandon their child, while never being legally forced to support the child.

However if a woman decides to keep the child but the man says I don't want a child. He will be forced to pay support for a child he never planned agreed on.

It would appear to be a very lopsided law. The mother can get pregnant, never inform the father of the pregnancy, and then abandon the child. All without the father knowing or agreeing to such a thing.

IOW the father will always be at the mercy of the mothers actions. If a term like "dead beat dad" exists then the safe haven laws has certainly given us it's counterpart; "dead beat moms". The irony is the mom can get into no trouble or ever be financially for being a dead beat.

Would welcome comments, pros and cons.

by: Anonymous

LOVE IT! I love it when men actually care for their children. There are so many fathers who abdicate their responsibility to their own flesh and blood. He is an example of what a REAL MAN is.

I wish my ex would do more than just pay child support. His kids need their father in their lives.

by: former single mom

im so glad to hear that you were able to keep up and your emotions down. we need more men like you out there. I begged my daughters father to seek help to control his anger so we could raise her equally but he seemed interested in doing the exact opposite. I love my husband and he is doing a great job raising my daughter but he is not her bio dad and I wish her bio dad could suck it up and be a better person for her sake. I do not want his support money but if he sets a bad role model image I might need it to put our daughter in counselling. lol. I just wish he was either all in or all out. it sounds like you figured it out and realized an easy way to knock out a major stressor. I give you praise.

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