Why is accountability not upheld?

My ex husband is behind in child support approx. $45,000. My 3 kids are small(under 8), and he has made no attempts to pay. He is garnished on the federal level(but he no longer files federal taxes), and is no longer able to obtain a passport, drivers licence, or even a fishing & boating licence. He works a job long enough for support enforcement to find him, then he quits. He switches addresses just as often.
He was a wonderful man when we got married. He got mixed up with some wrong people from work and became a drug addict. He refused to stay in treatment. I was advised by CPS that I would loose my children if he continued to live with us. I divorced him on those grounds for the safety of our children.

When he does get in contact with us (about 5 times a year on average so far), I never talk about the child support issue. I never speak badly of him. When he calls, he rarely wants to speak to the kids. I do, however, tell him about his kids; how wonderful they are, and all about their milestones.

I wish that he would be responsible and support the children that he helped bring into this world, but I know that will never happen unless accountability is enforced.

The Child Support Enforcment Agency enforces the laws currently established to collect support, but the laws for failure to pay are not enforced. The Child Support Enforcement offices tell me that they would like to prosecute him, but they can't get him into court without a stable address to issue the appearance notice to. I was once told that a warrant for his arrest would be issued, but no warrant has ever been produced. Why is he not held accountable for his actions?
I was a stay at home mom. When we divoriced I had nothing, I went to live with friends and went on full welfare support. Since that time, I have relocated to a different state, enrolled in a trade school, found a job, and bought a car. I currently live in public housing and recieve food assistance, but my goal is to be free from the welfare system in 5 years, with or without child support.

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Sadly, your situation is like most...
by: clumzyklutz

It's a horrible system. I feel for you and your whole situation. It just isn't right! The non-custodials that do pay and do make every attempt to keep in contact with the system are the ones who are usually punished! The ones that avoid the system like the plague are the ones who are free as a bird with no consequences for their actions. My ex-husband is the same way. He sees them every other weekend though...but he really just drops them off at his moms for the whole 2 days he has them. He hasn't paid child support since 2009 and is now in about $13,000 in arrears. They keep telling me that they are in the "enforcement" process, but even knowing his address, they've done nothing. Not like it'd matter if they took away his license or ability to register his car. He always drives his girlfriends car. They still haven't done anything about his license yet either. He doesn't have a job as well, so there is no income tax refund that can be garnished. I have a friend who's a VERY devoted father and he pays his child support, pays for his kids insurance AND even pays for half of their clothes and yet, he is being screwed by the system because he almost has nothing to live off of. They take half of his money for insurance and then almost the other half for child support. His wife has to work to support them and they have the kids about 50% of the time because their biological mother doesn't want them around so she can bar hop and live freely off the government. It's time that someone re-evaluate this system because the parents who are doing right are the ones getting screwed.

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