Why should my child have to go thru this

by Rebekka
(Lincoln, Michigan, USA)

My ex was diagnosed bipolor right after our daughter was born. He left us and was put in the pshycological ward back in 2008. Since then we have a court order for parenting time and he has been told to pay $300 a month in child support to make up for the back child support he owes. He has never been able to keep a job and our friend of the court up here in northern lower Mi is screwing around and not helping me get the money i need to take care of her.

We just hired a new person into the friend of the court position a few months ago and recently we had to go before her and go over our agreement. My ex kept asking about 3 non consecutive weeks with my child alone. The friend of the court person told him that is not part of the agreement that we signed and that it was not relivent to why we were in the medation. After that he has been asking me about the 3 non consecutive and recently started with wanting her 6 consecutive weeks and telling me that he will continue asking about it in person and online.

I have proof of him saying this because he e-mailed it to me. I have to print it out and take it to my lawyer so we can determine it is harassment which i do believe it is and so does my fiancee and a friend of mine has said the same. I dont understand why my child should have to go thru all the lies and be forced to see a man who's girlfriend has told us that he pushes my daughter off an her and her family. My ex has recently decided to make acusations that i have moved in to my fiancee's house (which i have not because i cant move my friend of the court case for fear the county my fiancee lives in will screw with it and let my ex get away with more then he does now), that i have not sent medications with my daughter that she is percribed which the only meds she had was an antibodic and it was sent with her, and stating that i am withhold parenting time which is not stated in the court order he and i signed! I am feeling harassed and i dont feel safe letting my child go to him since she is close to 3 years old.

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Jan 08, 2011
legal harassment
by: Anonymous

This is legal harassment. He is harassing you to get out of paying child support. Document everything.

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