Worthless Father

by Margaret
(Billings, Montana U.S)

Well, I have a son that is 7 years old. He has not seen his father for about 2 years. I went after child support about 5 years ago right after we went our separate ways. He was really abusive to me so I left. as soon as he found out about me going after him for child support he quit his job and moved to Oregon where his mother is. He calls our son about once every year. He never comes to see him either. He owes about 30,000 in back child support already. He says he can't find a job any where plus he's been in and out of jail. He just worries about him self. he never sends my son Christmas stuff or even for my sons birthday He calls 2 days later. Sometimes I fell like the child support enforcement is not working hard enough on my case because my fiancé has 2 kids with his previous wife and he pays every month and if he is late once they threaten him about taking his driver license away. i do not think that right because we always pays. But yet they can't get nothing for my son from his father. I am Very happy now because my fiancé treats my son like his own and my son calls him dad because he has been here for him and he takes care of him like a father should. My sons father thinks that i will stop going after child support but he is wrong I'm going to keep on him until he realizes it will not go away, he owes my son especially he has gone without to long. his father needs to start taking responsibility for his son and start caring about him more then him self. All I want to say is the mothers that do get child support should be thankful and appreciate the fathers that do pay and take care of there kids.

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