Wow!!! Is there really no hope?


Here I am thinking I've got a terrible low life father for my son and that the child support system in Oklahoma sucks. Now I see many women are facing what I face everyday. And I just feel like there is no hope. :( It truely scares me, the fact that men can get woman pregnant and leave us to raise the children alone and the state really doesn't do anything about it. There has to be something that can be done. What is the world coming too. I had a baby when I was 16yrs old and have spent the past 7yrs practically raising him myself. His dad is a low life druggy. He got to finish being a kid and at 25 still acts like one.

I got to grow up and raise our son alone. The child support collectors threaten to take his license and threaten to throw him in jail but not once have they actually did anything. My sons dad gets a job and by time they find him and set child support up, he quits his job again. Its been like this since he's started paying. And then it of course takes months to find him and set it back up, only for him to do it again. I live my life as if I don't get child support. Even when I finally get it, I live life like this is the last one I'll recieve. Bc it probably is, or maybe I'll get one next month but thats the end of it. Those who do get child support, I advise you to do the same, bc you never know when your last child support check will come. Don't figure that money into how your going to pay your bills or buy groceries.

When you budget don't even count that child support money at all. When you get it count it as a blessing bc alot of us women aren't getting anything. And if there is some way we can do something lets do it. Something has got to change. Its gotta get more strict about this child support. Next time they wanna do something different when it comes to picking a president they should pick a woman. Black, white, purple, I don't care. We need a woman up there that understands where we are and that is gonna make stricter laws when it comes to enforcing child support.

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by: O RLY?

No. How about a completely revamped system where there is true accountability all around (The Mothers, Fathers, AND the State that is brought in to enforce the situation). The laws as they are now are what cause people who are not interested in paying to have even more incentive to duck and dodge. Stop looking for more ways to penalize and start looking at the people who are supposed to be ensuring that the system works equitably. That's right, equitably.
But just as there are women out there who truly are getting screwed by the non-custodial and the State, there are women who use the system to milk the non-custodial for money so that they can have that Gucci bag or buy that new car they had their eye on, not to mention partying 'till they drop into their own pool of vomit only to do it again the next night.
No, we need accountability all around. The non-custodials need to do the right thing and pay, the custodials need to show that the money is truly going to the needs of the child (and not the comfort of the custodial parent), and the administrators of the system should have oversight in place to ensure that when it comes time to enforce or re-evaluate things, no one drops the ball.

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