Wyoming Child Support Laws

Wyoming child support laws and Medical Support Guidelines
If a medical insurance plan is available at a reasonable cost through one of the parent’s employers, he or she will be required to provide this insurance for the child. Medical support is usually settled in the parents’ marital settlement agreement. If it is not, then the courts may establish a medical support provision under the child support order determining which parent is responsible for the child’s health insurance coverage.

Child Support Payments
Wyoming child support laws and orders generally include a provision for income withholding in which child support payments are directly withdrawn from the earnings of the non-custodial parent. Using this method, child support payments are withheld much like income tax. The child support payments are then sent to the state child support agency where they can be verified and disbursed to the custodial parent.

A non-custodial parent who needs to make child support payments can contact the clerk of the district court in the county where the child support order was established. The clerk of the district court will have an office in the local county courthouse. Clerks of the district court will keep an official record of child support payments that have been made. Most court orders for child support in the State of Wyoming include a provision requiring that child support payments must be made through the clerks. Therefore, in order to receive credit for a payment, it must be paid to the clerk and not directly to the custodial parent.

Discontinuing Child Support Laws and Services
In general, once a child support order is established, the child support payments must be made until the child reaches the age of 18 or graduates from high school (whichever is later.) A child who marries, becomes legally emancipated, dies or enters military service will no longer be eligible for child support payments.

If the custodial parent is not receiving state aid (POWER), he or she can decide to discontinue child support services by notifying the district child support office in writing.

This request will automatically be honored as long as the non-custodial parent does not owe past-due child support to the state. But if the custodial parent does decide to discontinue services, he or she will be assessed the $25 application fee to reinitiate child support services at a later date.

Reviewing Wyoming Child Support Law and Orders
A Wyoming child support caseworker will review a child support order when there has been a significant change in the income of either parent and/or the living arrangements of the children. For example, if the non-custodial parent loses his or her job, or if the child is no longer living with the custodial parent, a change in the monthly child support obligation may be in order. Depending upon the outcome of the review, the caseworker may recommend a change or modification of the child support order.

Wyoming Child Support Laws Offices
In addition to the state child support office located in Cheyenne, there are a number of district child support offices located throughout the state. The State of Wyoming is divided into nine districts as follows:

District 1:Laramie County
District 2: Albany and Carbon Counties
District 3: Lincoln, Sweetwater, and Uinta Counties
District 4: Sheridan and Johnson Counties
District 5: Big Horn, Hot Springs, Park and Washakie Counties
District 6: Campbell, Crook, and Weston Counties
District 7: Natrona County
District 8: Converse, Goshen, Niobrara, and Platte Counties
District 9: Fremont, Sublette, and Teton Counties (This district also handles paternity establishment for the Wind River Reservation)

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Wyoming Child Support Laws and Enforcement Program
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