by TonE
(Washington, DC)

I was providing for my son(?) This woman had two prior children who she didn't know who the fathers were - Anyway we were friends and i helped support and take her first son who I was not obligated to take care of and (did). When she told me that she was pregnant with here second son - we had stopped messing around for months almost a year. But I took care of that one too - until she realized that-that was not going to make me her boy friend she went to the support agency/She didnt even show-up for the hearing and they still made me pay. She had a job and quit - until i told her that i would take custody because she couldn't afford to take care of him. She got another job/lied to me and said that she had him on here company insurance all those years when i could have put him on mine. I ended up having to pay all that back and any other assistance that she received. WHY should I be penalized for trying to do the right thing for a child that i am still not sure is mean? PS Alot of these young girl these days have baby and take the money to get their nails and her did for the weekend and have the grandmother watch them most of the time. Where is the child benefiting from that? Not one baby but have two and three on child support or on drugs. I think the child support agencies need to examine what and who this so-called support is benefiting.

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