You Have Rights. Common Q&A

by Jim Harnage
(Lake Park, Ga)

Pastor Jim Harnage

Pastor Jim Harnage

Quick Questions and Candid Answers By Outreach Pastor and Child Support Recovery Agent Jim Harnage

Will I Go to Hell For Leaving My Husband?
No. You are already in hell if you remain in an abusive marriage. 1 Corinthians 7:39. The wife is bound by the law as long as her husband lives. If a husband no longer recognizes his spouse as to be so cruel to her and destroy her life then he and the marriage is already dead. The wife is free.

Will God be mad at me for protecting myself or children from abuse?
No. If you fear for your life and the lives of your children from a cruel and abusive marriage or relationship you have an obligation to self and the children to leave. If you must protect yourself to preserve life then you must do what you must. God forgives if there is anything to forgive. But why would God even need to forgive you for something that He expresses for you to do and that is to protect and preserve life?

Will I go to jail for protecting myself and my children? In this lop-sided and pro-criminal rights society today you probably will. However, it is important to a good attorney that you have documented evidence of police records, invasions, spousal rape reports, photos from the hospital of cuts and bruises, photos of destruction to the home and car and police reports to go with the photos, pastor's testimonies, neighbor's testimonies, affidavits, and lots of evidence of abuse and that your life was in danger. You must be street smart, quit the good-girl stuff, and learn how to survive or you will die with your children. The movie "The Burning Bed" with Farrah Fawcett teaches how not to dispose of an abusive husband.

What should I do about a cult-like pastor and church congregation who says I should not leave my husband?
Leave it. Report their actions toward you to the local sheriff, Department of Family and Children Services, District Attorney, State Attorney General, Governor, and contact Silent Ministries Recovery Outreach by phone or email.

I want to enforce my child support court order but I feel so sorry for my ex-spouse. He told me that his truck is broke down, that he has not worked in 6 years, and that the dog ate the fifty dollars that he planned to send to me. ( Come to think of it...we never had a dog.) What should I do? Recieve a spanking, wake up, and get child support or purchase that ocean front property in Arizona.

Should I accept payments under the table?
Absolutely not. It does not count toward child support where there is a court order.

I am in arrears on my child support. I am about to lose my driver license. Can you help me?
Yes. We assist both sides.

I recieved a notice from the state child support division. It looks bad. Can you help me?
Yes, we can and will.

Can your agency assist me with personal defense items?

Can Silent Ministries Recovery Outtreach, Inc. protect my child?
Yes. Silent Ministries Recovery Outreach, Inc can offer some resources in limited areas through Child Guard for protection or surveillance against predators.

May I recieve a cell phone if I cannot afford one to maintain contact with police?

If I Am Laid Off And Unemployed Do I Still Have To Pay Child Support?
Yes. Being laid off does not excuse you from your court-ordered obligations. If it did then the agencies would be over run by dead beats who quit or get "laid-off" by cooperating employers so that they can go around the system. It is too easy to be paid under the table so ...nope, you are not off the hook.

Can Silent Ministries Recovery Outreach assist me with job searches and placement anywhere in the nation?

What should I do if I am laid off and cannot pay child support?
First, contact the state agency who has your account. Explain the circumstances. Second, apply for unemployment and pay what your support agreement. Remember, you are not paying support just because the state says you must. You are paying support because you love your children and want them to have food, clothing, medicine, and other supplies. If you were married and had custody and were laif off you would still have to support your children.

My Ex Is Suing Me Again for Twice The Amount Of Child Suport. Can she do this?
Yes. She/he can file a hearing as many times as she wants to pay for them for an amended support agreement.

What Recourse Do I Have?
Get your papers together. Contact Silent Ministries Recovery Outreach,Inc. We will assist you with approaching the state on your behalf.
We are negotiators for both parents. Show any changes that have occurred and how the increase will be detrimental to you. Also, call Silent Ministries Recovery Outreach Child Support Recovery, Inc. We know the new laws and will assist you with filing a counter hearing.
Remember, Silent Ministries Recovery Outreach, Inc Child Support Recovery is not biased and we do not discriminate. Silent Ministries Recovery Outreach, Inc is here to assist both parents and we negotiate successfully 99% of claims with us.

Can Silent Ministries Recovery Outreach negotiate for me?
Yes. You must sign a Limited Power of Attorney applicable to your specific situation and we will go to bat for you. Silent Ministries Recovery Outreach pastor and minister is also a registered investigator and recovery agent and has a 99% success rate. After speaking with Silent Ministries Recovery Outreach one will realize why we are tops at "no-holds-no-bones" negotiations.

My grandparents are being taken advantage of by an individual and need medication. Can you help us?
Yes. Silent Ministries Recovery Outreach, Inc. is a strong advocate of Elderly Care and Adult Protective Services.

How do I recieve these services?
Join Silent Ministries Recovery Outreach. Make us your family. Let us be your advocacy, negotiator, prayer partners, and extended family. Donations of any types keep this social service ministry fighting for children and families. Your contributions of any kind obtain you instant access to a wealth of social services as well as practical services on a scale to common to most. We go above and beyond to meet your needs.

Our staff consists of volunteers and specialists in family, social services, psychology, law, parenting, pastoral duties, administration, investigations, elder care, home inspectors, and much more.

I need, but cannot afford, a divorce so that I may collect child support. Can you help?
Yes. Complete our application.

Can Silent Ministries Recovery Outreach, Inc. locate my ex-spouse, or any other individual, even in another state?

Can my organization or ministry become a part of Silent Ministries Recovery Outreach, Inc with exempt status?
Yes. There is a process and a fee.

Can Silent Ministries Recovery Outrteach, Inc help me locate an attorney?
Yes. Our dedicated team of researchers who will go to work for you to locate a pro bono attorney. it sometimes takes a few days however, we have located attorneys in as little as same day.

Are there options to an attorney?
Yes. Pro se is an option for an individual who wishes to prepare their own child support case, divorce, or other civil case. Silent Ministries Recovery Outreach, Inc. will assist with forms research and preparations if needed.

Note: Disclaimer.
Silent Ministries Recovery, Inc., Private Child Support Recovery, Silent Ministries Social Services, nor any of its owners or agents are connected with any government agency, nor are we an attorney.

Jim and Carolyn Harnage
Silent Ministries Recovery Outreach, Inc.
P.O.Box 1112
Lake Park, GA 31636
A 501(c)3 Organization

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